About Venice Organics

Love. Integrity. Gratitude.™ At Venice Organics, those are the words we live by every day. 

          Love for nature, the universe, ourselves and others. 

          Integrity, using ethically sourced ingredients and transparent business practices. 

          Gratitude for farmers, nutrient-rich soil, healthy bodies and life.

We are proud of what we produce: Small-batch, organic, nutritious foods for health-conscious consumers. We shun additives, preservatives, binding agents, fillers and anything that’s made in a lab. 

We source natural, delicious ingredients that come from the earth. We don’t believe in heavy processing or artificial flavors; but we do believe in maximizing a balance of natural flavors to excite and delight the palate. We take nature’s gifts, perfect as-is, and create high-quality products to feed your stomach, heart and soul. From our kitchens to your mouth and from our hearts to yours, we hope you enjoy our Venice Organics products as much as we enjoy creating them for you.